X2O waterproof spray sales clause and rules

X2O waterproof spray sales clause and rules


  1. X2O waterproof sprayCover the first layer of waterproof nano -coating on electronic products, protecting electronic products from damaging due to accidental contact with liquid. Because we cannot control or certify customers to use the product according to the company's use terms, the company is not responsible for the damage to the products of your own products caused by water or other forms.

  2. X2O waterproof sprayThe waterproof coating should not cause the maintenance of your mobile phone or tablet to fail.X2O waterproof sprayThe waterproof coating can provide electronic products when it is protected by short -term accidental dipping water (excluding salt water, seawater and corrosive liquid). You should pay attention to that the mobile phone will cause the maintenance of the electronic products to fail after the water is dipped in water.X2O waterproof sprayProtection of waterproof coating. In any case, we recommend that you do not deliberately flood the phone in the liquid.

  3. We never recommend that your electronic products deliberately contact water or other liquids! When your electronic products are accidentally exposed to water or other liquids, please take corresponding measures in accordance with the following "defense measures" guidelines. If the user does not follow the product to use the product, the company is not responsible.

  4. We cannot guarantee that the coatings of your products can work normally after all contact with water or liquid (such as intentionally soaking in water), but we guarantee that the company will apply the waterproof coating to your own in your own explanation and production procedures to your own. The product; and its material or application process will not damage your products. The company is not responsible for any damage to the product that causes any damage to the product.

  5. After making waterproof coating, "does not affect the original maintenance"Not includedThe original maintenance of the electronic product after accidents or other liquids (see the product maintenance clauses of your own product, see the product web pages).

  6. In view of the business nature of the company, the companycannotforX2O waterproof sprayCoating processing provides refund services.




Defensive measure

If your electronic products are dipped in water, we suggest that you follow the following steps to avoid permanent damage to your electronic products, even if your electronic products do not show any signs of function failure.

  • Turn off the electronics and move the battery (as can).
  • Do not charge electronic products within 24 hours. If water or liquid stays, charging under high power will cause permanent damage.
  • The violent shaking has the opportunity to damage the LCD screen. It is not recommended to shake or blow dry electronic products with a fan.
  • Use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry the exterior water of the electronic product.
  • Let the electronic products stand for at least 24 hours to flow away from the excess water inside.
  • If the electronic product is severely wet water, we recommend that the electronic products are closed for at least 48 hours, so that it is naturally dry (it is recommended to use a product that can be wet or wet) before recharging.



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