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1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following credit card payment methods: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or PayPal. If you live in Hong Kong, you can also choose the following payment method. You can pay through Payme, a subsidiary of HSBC in Hong Kong, or pay for the fast transfer (FPS: 55880021), or transfer through HSBC. If you use Payme, Fast or HSBC, please note that we only accept Hong Kong dollars transactions.

2. What regional delivery services do you provide?

Orders are usually shipped within three working days. We will replenish the goods that have been sold out. After the replenishment, we will process orders as soon as possible and send goods. Customers can also go to the store to buy products in person. The address is Room 955, 9th floor, No. 19, No. 19, No. 19, Science and Technology Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, with a business hours of 10AM to 7PM. Please call the company's hotline before you visit the company. (Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021Essence Click Buy to accept the payment requirements.


3. How do I track the order?

After the order is shipped, you can use the name of the courier company we provided and track numbers to check the logistics status of the package at any time.


4. Can I temporarily cancel or modify the order?

After placing an order, your order will be processed automatically and shipped as soon as possible. If the order is still being processed, and the buyer decides to cancel the order within 24 hours after the order is placed, the company will charge 10%of the product price for administrative expenses. Once the order has been shipped, the order cannot be canceled. If the order is on the way to transport, but the buyer insists on canceling the order, the company will not arrange a refund after the product will be returned to the company, and the buyer will pay for the product transportation fee. Please note that the company will collect 40%of the amount of cancellation of the goods for replenishment administrative fees. For details, please refer toTerms and Detailspage.

If you want to add additional products to the processed orders, we recommend that you order it directly on our website; if you want to reduce the purchase of related products, the customer can only cancel the order before the order is shipped, according to the BUY BUY The terms and rules of the rules are "partial cancellations", and you will be charged 10 % of the amount of cancellation of the amount of goods as the cancellation fee.


5. How do I know whether the product has inventory?

Most of the products displayed in online stores have inventory. When you enter the product page, such as the color options have become gray, or the word "no inventory" is displayed nearby, which means that the product has no inventory. You can also get through the emailinfo@dimbuyshop.comor Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021 Notify our customer service products that you are interested in buying. Please note that even if you have added the product to the shopping cart, it does not mean that the product has been reserved for you, and the product is still open to other people to buy.


6. Do you have to register to shop at point Buy?

uncertain. You can freely choose whether to register as a BUY member. After logging in, the system will save your shopping record and detailed information for use in the next shopping checkout.


7. Do you provide delivery services on Sunday and public holidays?

Sorry, we do not have delivery services on Sunday and public holidays.


8. Will the delivery service be affected if you encounter bad weather on the day of delivery?

If you encounter bad weather on the day of delivery, the delivery service may be suspended. For delivery details on the day, you can directly contact the logistics company we provided, or via email through emailinfo@dimbuyshop.comContact us, or call +852 2216 3933 ┃WhatsApp:+852 5588 0021


9. If there is a problem with the product, how can I change it?

Click Buy to ensure the quality of the product sent to the customer's hand. If you receive products with defects or non -human faults, see usExchange and refund policy

Due to the special nature of the X2O waterproof spray and scraping map series, it is difficult to determine whether the product is defective or it is damaged after opening or after use. Sorry for us to not provide exchanges or return options for the above two products. If the product finds defects (such as damage to the transportation process) before or not opened, it may be applicable to exchange or return, please via emailinfo@dimbuyshop.comcontact us.


10. Can I send the product to SF Station or SF Smart Cabinet?

Under normal circumstances, we will provide global delivery services for all products on the BUY website. We will also provide delivery services with different transportation companies based on different products. If guests need to use SF Express services, they need to pay separately.

If guests need to use specific transportation companies for delivery services, they can first via orTel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021Contact us for details, and we will try our best to arrange appropriate delivery services for you.

** Waterproof protective film and SIM card set, the company will use Hong Kong to mail Pingmail to deliver goods. Therefore, it does not provide services to SF's pickup and does not provide order tracking numbers.

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