Personal data (privacy) policy and statement


In this privacy policy ("policy"), weClick BuyLimited and our subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "we" or "Click Buy") Provide information about how we collect, use, process, and transmit personal data. This policy is applicable to all our direct connecting websites, products, services, software, or applications (collectively referred to as "service"). 

Click BuyRespect the privacy of anyone who browse this webpage. No one has to show any personal information or use the real name for viewing this website.Click BuyPersonal information and privacy policies are in accordance withPersonal Data (Privacy) Regulations (Hong Kong Law Chapter 486)Preparation. However, the personal information provided by the visitor voluntarily provided and the personal information obtained from the online visitors will be voluntarily agreed to the visitors.Click BuyCan be retained and used as the following use:

  • Ensure that the service can be continuously provided;
  • Contact online visitors on the purpose of market promotion;
  • The services needed for online visitors;
  • Investigation and research, for example, the relevant failure to be satisfiedClick BuySurveys where customers need;
  • According to the needs of individual visitors, the content of this web page is used for personal use;
  • Notify the update information of this web page;
  • Notify the information about the promotion activities, special discounts or new products of online visitors;
  • Statistically analyze the activities and characteristics of online visitors in order to measure the interest and use of different parts of this page, and provide relevant advertising customers with such analysis materials and related to the use of its connection column to be displayed or once selected. Display information.
  • Provide or transfer these information to a third party, including but not limited toClick BuyAdvertising customers, affiliated companies or justClick BuyThe services provided by their online customers and visitors on this web areClick BuyOrganizer/agent or other network operators of related affairs.


If you want to check or correct the above personal information, pleaseinfo@dimbuyshop.comconnectionClick BuyThe service department makes a request, butClick BuyFor each inspection, you can charge a reasonable fee set from time to time as appropriate. Please note that if you have provided recognizable personal identity information, you may receive telephone or electronic emails and promotion messages from time to time. If you don't want to receiveClick BuyFor emails and messages issued, visitors can cancel subscription -related information, or throughinfo@dimbuyshop.comconnectionClick BuyService Department.

Any issues, feedback, suggestions, or information, except for personal information, will be regarded by any part of this website or any part of this website that are sent or posted on this website as voluntary directionClick BuyNon -secret and non -proper information. Click BuyIt has the right to use, copy, edit, disclose, transmission, release, broadcast, and/or publishing such information in other places. Related companies provide such information to meet customer needs.


His rights

Your time has the right:

  • Check whether we hold any personal information in your own;
  • Check out our personal information;
  • Ask us to correct any incorrect personal information;
  • Determine the policies and routines we have adopted for our personal data (from time to time), as well as the others we hold;
  • Reject us or other side use your personal information as a direct promotion. For details, please read the third paragraph above.


Personal data security

Click BuyWill do everything possible to ensureClick BuyAll personal data held on this webpage are stored in places where it is properly cured and safe, and is not approved or unexpectedly checked, processed, deleted or other. Once any recognizable personal identity information provides or transferred a third party, it exceededClick BuyThe control that can be controlled is not within the scope of the company's protection.

Please pay attention to the "Cookies" file,Click BuyYou can use the "Cookies" file on this page for:

  • Make security measures stricter;
  • Make online visitors to continue to browse the web;
  • This website is prepared according to the needs of individual customers for their individual use;
  • Establish information on online visitors.

If you are not allowed to use the "Cookies" file, you must adjust it on your Internet browser.


Policy revision

We reserve the right to change, modify, increase, or delete part of the content of this policy at any time, but it will indicate the last update date in this policy to prompt the change date. If the policy has changed significantly, we will provide appropriate notifications and/or to obtain the clear consent of your free notice and/or/or in accordance with the law of at least 30 days in advance. When you visit our website or use our services, you accept the current version of this policy. If necessary, please browse this page policy from time to time. 


If there is any controversy,Click BuyIt will retain the final decision.