Return and exchange policy

Exchange and return policy

Click BuyDeliven to ensure the quality of the product sent to the customer. If you receive products with defects or non -man -faults, please be in Contact us within three days after receiving the goods (Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021) Or send an email In Send it back within 7 days/take it back to the store in personExchange or repair。 


Please note that all products that need to be maintained or returned and exchanged need to contact us in advance to make arrangements for returns or repairs.All products that have been returned or returned to the market without our confirmation are not handled, and I hope to understand.


If the product has been suspended or no longer is purchased,The company has the right toProvide goods that provide the same type and price for replacement


in any case,Click BuyIt will not be responsible for any damage caused by misuse or abuse of goods.


Before maintenance, defective products will return toClick BuyMake related inspection and records.


Please note that customers must bear what the refund of the product is involvedAll expensesEssence Before our team received related products, the return package belonged to the customer's responsibility.Therefore, we recommend that customers choose courier companies that have registered and provide cargo tracking services while returning. 


If any goods are out of stock, or causeanyClick Buy Unprepared situations (including natural disasters, fires, floods, accidents, riots, war, government policy, strike, customs retrieval, etc.), failed to provide the ordered goodsThe company has the right to refuse to accept the order or provide the same type and price of goods for replacement. If we cannot provide any products or services on your order, we will notify you through an email before the delivery date required.


cancel order

After placing an order, your order will be processed automatically and shipped as soon as possible. If an orderStill in processingAt the same time, buyersWithin 24 hours after orderingDecided to cancel the order, the company will collect the product price10%Make administrative expenses. If because ofSupplier delay deliveryTo delay the order of orders, buyers at the same time24 hours after orderbackDecide to cancel the order,Can't cancel the order Essence Once the order has been shipped, thenUnable to cancel the order and refundEssence If an orderOn the way, But the buyer insists that the order is canceled, and the company will process the refund program after the product will return the company, andBuyers need to pay for product transportation fees for full paymentEssence Please pay attention, the company will collect the amount of cancellation of the product40%Administrative expenses for replenishment. All non -product costs (e.g., transportation costs, transaction costs and insurance costs) will not be refunded.

If you want to reduce the purchase of related products, customers can only cancel the order before order delivery, which belongs to " Partial cancellation"You will be charged to cancel the amount of goods10%As a cancellation fee.

You must carefully check all product materials before ordering, including product models, specifications and prices. If you have any problems in the product, please contact us.


Flawed products

You can get the product after receiving the productSeven daysInternal Explain the problem of the productOr contact your retailer.

  • Defective products refer to errors during manufacturing or design, making the product become unacceptable, unavailable or safe when expected. The product itself must have defects (due to making or design errors), not damage caused by improper use.
  • When returning the product during the specified return period, customers must provide sufficient reasons to point out that the product is defective, including the use of the product during the period of the customer's own.

  • All products mustPrimitive state and complete packagingReturn, including files, manuals, and accessories. If the user has opened the packaging or using the product, the company will not accept the return or refund requirements. We strongly recommend that customers keep related packaging at least after purchasing productsSeven days

  • All non -product -related expenses (transportation, transactions and insurance) will not be refunded.


Return and exchange services for model boutiques

All scripturesClick BuyThere is no return and exchange service for the models purchased.Therefore, you must carefully check all product materials before ordering, including product models, specifications and prices. If you have any questions on the product, please contact us before placing an order(Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021) Or send an email learn more.

If you have any questions after receiving the goods, or you receive a product that does not match the style/model and the order, please receiveContact us within three days after the delivery (Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021) Or send an email InSend it back within 7 days/take it back to the store for exchanges 


Relevant new product reservation

Since all new products are reservations, they are reservations based on the number of guest placing orders.Can't modify or cancelIf the guest needs to cancel the new product reservation,The ordered order collected will not be refunded


Six months of maintenance

(Sony headset, bose series, Scratch Map series, all model boutiques, IMC water catalyst, NVB antibacterial box,Apple watch protection filmExcept for X2O waterproof spray 

Click BuyDeliest to solve any product problems that may be encountered for you.Click BuyofelectronicproductSony headset,Scratch Map series, all model boutiques, IMC water catalyst, NVB antibacterial box,Apple watch protection filmExcept for X2O waterproof spray) All provide six months of maintenance services.

Boya series enjoyed 3 monthsMaintenance service.

Jewelry, watch: parallel imported products (parallel imports), do not provide maintenance. There are bad packages for shopping guarantee within 7 days (excluding artificial damage and need to be kept complete packaging)

Please keep the relevant product receipts and packaging boxes. At that time, we will verify the order number and product serial numbers on the product packaging to provide you with maintenance services; if you cannot show the above product proof, you cannot enjoy six -month maintenance service.

In the following column, it will not include in the maintenance service, andClick BuyIt will make maintenance offer according to individual conditions:

(A)Click BuyPeople outside use any way to modify, replace or repair any part of the product; or

(b) Due to error operation, error connection power supply, malicious behavior, negligence, liquid and dirty substances, accidents, natural disasters or force damage caused by any damage.

The parts replaced after maintenance will not be returned.


Privacy issue

For privacy issues, seeClick Buyof Privacy PolicyLearn more details.


If there is any controversy,Click BuyIt will retain the final decision.