Terms and rules

Order processing notice

Way of transportation

Under normal circumstances, your order will be onThree working daysTreatment according to the inventory situation. When the goods need to be replenished, please reserve the time for us to handle the goods for replenishment. After the re -purchase is completed, you can follow the name of the courier company and the logistics number to track orders at any time.

Please note that we may need more time to handle your order during the public holiday or busy time. In addition, on the peak season or festivals (such as Valentine's Day), the Customs and Post Office may need more time to handle related delivery matters. The authorized payment to be processed may also cause delay in delivery.


Parcels that failed in mail

Your cargo may be returned due to the failure of the postal mailingClick BuyEssence If the above situation occurs unfortunately, we will try our best to contact you to arrange for re -delivery.


cancel order

After ordering, your order will be processed automatically and shipped as soon as possible. If the order is still processing, you can choose to cancel the order. Once the order has been shipped, the order cannot be canceled.

If your order is still not delivered, you can apply for cancellation of the order, and we will charge a 10 % cancellation fee in the process.

If your order has been shipped, we will not accept any application for canceling the order. You can still choose to refund the relevant goods. Please refer to our return policy for detailed terms.


Six months of maintenance

Click BuyDeliest to solve any product problems that may be encountered for you. allClick BuyProducts (except for SONY headphones, Bose series, Scratch Map series, model boutique, watches, and X2O waterproof spray) all provide six months maintenance services. Please keep the relevant product receipts and packaging boxes. At that time, we will verify the order number and product serial numbers on the product packaging to provide you with maintenance services; if you cannot show the above product proof, you cannot enjoy six -month maintenance service.

Jewelry, watch: parallel imported products (parallel imports), do not provide maintenance. There are bad packages for shopping guarantee within 7 days (excluding artificial damage and need to be kept complete packaging)

Return and exchange

Click BuyDeliven to ensure the quality of the product sent to the customer. If you receive products with defects or non -man -made faults, we are happy to replace related products for you. If the product has been suspended or no longer is purchased, the relevant funds will be returned to your payment account.

in any case,Click BuyIt will not be responsible for any damage caused by misuse or abuse of goods.

Before maintenance, defective products will return toClick BuyMake related inspection and records.

Please note that customers must bear all the expenses involved in the product. Before our team received related products, the return package belonged to the customer's responsibility. Therefore, we recommend that customers choose courier companies that have registered and provide cargo tracking services while returning.


Defects can only be refunded or replaced, and the following terms must be complied with:

  • All products must be returned in the original state and complete packaging, including files, manuals and accessories. We strongly recommend that customers keep related packaging for at least ninety days after purchasing products.
  • All non -product -related expenses (transportation, transactions and insurance) will not be refunded.
  • If you buy through retailersClick BuyProducts, related products cannot be returnedClick BuyEssence You must return to retail stores according to the return policy of related retailers. Please contact your retailer directly to discuss the return.
  • Any purchase from dealers or retailers is not directly inClick BuyThe products ordered the products of the platform do not meetClick BuyReturn, refund or replacement conditions.


Flawed products

You can contact us within three days after receiving the product(Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021) Or send an email toinfo@dimbuyshop.comReturn to defective products, or return to your retailer.

  • Defective products refer to errors during manufacturing or design, making the product become unacceptable, unavailable or safe when expected. The product itself must have defects (due to making or design errors), not damage caused by improper use.
  • When returning the product during the specified return period, customers must provide sufficient reasons to point out that the product is defective, including the use of the product during the period of the customer's own.

  • All the goods that need to be returned need to contact us in advance and wait patiently to arrange for the return and exchange.

Please arrive at the detailed return and exchange policyReturn and exchange policy learn more.


 If there is controversy,Click BuyIt will retain the final decision.