Delivery policy

Delivery policy

When youClick BuyAfter the order is placed on the website, the ordered products will be after you place an orderShip in 3 work days, Monday to Friday (except for public holidays). If there is no inventory of the product when you order, we will make up and ship as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the delivery date and service, please contact us directly (Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃WhatsApp:+852 5588 0021) Or send an email 

Please note, During the public holiday or busy time, we may need more time to handle your orderEssence In addition, in the peak season or festivals (such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.), the Customs and Post Office may need more time to handle related delivery matters. In addition, if the payment authorization is required, it may also affect the delivery time.

Delivery methods

we provideDelivery service in Hong KongThe delivery method will be determined according to different products or promotion servicesSF Express or Post ServiceEssence If you have any inquiries, please contact us (Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021) Or send an email 


Service area

Under normal circumstances, we areClick BuyAll products on the website provideDelivery in Hong KongServe.


Remote area delivery policy

The surcharges in remote areas are not included in the shipping costIf the address you provides belongs to the remote areas defined by the courier company, you need to pay an additional surcharge. Before the product is sent, we will collect the surcharge from the surcharge policy provided by the courier company, and then send it to you, and then send it. At that time, you will receive a notice from our email. After receiving your payment, we will send the goods as soon as possible.

We recommend that you first query the definition of remote areas and the details of surcharges, or provide a mailing address in non -remote areas to avoid additional surcharges. If you have any inquiries about surcharges in remote areas, welcome to Contact us.


Return issue

For the issue of return, seeClick BuyofExchange and refund policyLearn more details.

Parcels that failed in mail

Your cargo may be caused by itPostal lossdefeatReturnClick BuyEssence If the above situation occurs unfortunately, we will try our best to contact you to arrange for re -delivery.Click BuyThe right to collect any additional costs or expenses generated by charging such arrangements will be reserved.

If you areAfter receiving the arrival of the goods, confirm the email 30 days after the emailStill unable to receive your product; or you have not provided us with sufficient or accurate delivery instructions. Without affecting any rights or compensation, we will decide to cancel your order and collect you because the information provided is not provided. Full and inaccurateFailure to receive any additional costs and losses of the product Essence The company will not make any refund and compensation,Click BuyThe right to obtain any non -payment or the corresponding costs incurred by the such cancellation will be reserved. 


The goods are damaged during transportation

If there is any damage caused by the transportation process, please go throughinfo@dimbuyshop.comcontact us.


Other questions

If you have any questions about receiving, shipping or order, please via emailinfo@dimbuyshop.comOr call+852 22163933contact us.


If there is any controversy,Click BuyIt will retain the final decision.