Frequently Asked Questions -XSCREEN Air Wireless

A XSCREEN Air supports touch screen function?

Does not support.
If you want to use a touch screen function, you can consider the XSCREEN of other models.

C Can I use Samsung Dex in XSCREEN Air?

Can. Only SAMSUNG Note 20 and SAMSUNG Note 20 Ultra can use Samsung DEX under wireless. Other models can only use Type-C to enable DEX mode.


S After the device is connected to XSCREEN Air, can it connect to other Bluetooth devices (such as Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, etc.) at the same time?

cannot. Because XSCREEN Air uses wireless signals to connect your device, you cannot connect other wireless devices.


Why does the screen display ‘no signal’?

Please check the connection according to the steps:

In the case of wireless connection:

1. Check the wireless receiver first. If you connect normally, you will see the blue light flash. If you see the blue light, pull out the wireless receiver and connect XSCREEN again.

2. Then press the "-" key to check the connection settings. Select "D3: CAST" mode.

3. Please make sure that no other device is connecting XSCREEN Air through HDMI or Type-C.


In the case of cable connection:

1. Check the connection settings by the "-" key, and select the Type-C or HDMI connection mode. When you choose the right mode, the picture will automatically change. Under normal circumstances, you can choose the right connection mode to successfully connect

2. If you are connecting to the Type-C wired, please make sure you have used the correct Type-C connector. The two Type-C connectors are on the left side of the screen, and each connector has the function. Please use the higher Type-C connection to connect XSCREEN Air.

*Please try to use the randomly attached connection line for connection. If you want to use your Type-C connection cable, make sure it has an image transmission function.


E My iPhone cannot search for the wireless signal of XSCREEN Air

Your iPhone and Xscreen Air are connected to the same WiFi signal to use AirPlay or Screen Mirroring to search for the wireless signal of XScrren Air.


可以 Can SWITCH connect XSCREEN AIR?

You can only connect to Switch with HDMI cable. XScreen Air does not support the connection Switch by Type-C.


I When I use HDMI to connect XSCREEN Air, the screen is still on the screen of wireless connection

You can press the "-" key to check the connection settings. Choose the HDMI mode to successfully connect.

When using a wired connection, you can connect the required connection cable before booting, and then turn on. After turning on XSCREEN Air, it can be switched to the HDMI mode automatically.


Will XScreen Air shut down automatically?

In wireless mode, XSCREEN Air will not shut down automatically. You need to press "M" to close the pass.

In the wired mode, if XScreen Air does not detect any image signal, it will shut down automatically.