Frequently Asked Questions -USB Power Dragon


How many sockets do this USB power trailer has?

There are 4 sockets in the British Power Plate, each with independent power switch and LED light display status.  


电 Is there a USB charging port for XSTRIP power supply board?

There are 4 USB charging ports in the British regulations (XPS-S1440). The intelligent load detection function of these charging ports can effectively avoid excessive heat and protect your electronic products and power trailers.


What is the voltage and current of the current output port?

The voltage and current of the British Power Power Dragon (XPS-S1440) are 250V and 13A, respectively. The current of the USB charging port is 6A.


体 What is the size of XSTRIP?

The volume of the British 4 -headed power plate is 328 x 70 x 25 mm. The length of the wire is 2 meters, which is very suitable for home and office.


What is the special of 有 XSTRIP?

The XSTRIP USB power supply plate has lightning protection and intelligent load detection functions. Lightning protection protection trailer can absorb the excess energy produced by lightning when it is lightning, protect other charging electrical appliances and prevent damage. XSTRIP lightning -proof trailer can detect the current and voltage required by different charging equipment, optimize the output power, and reduce the chance of overcurrent and overloading. This power supply plate is absolutely safer and more efficient.


Why is there a LED light?

Each socket of the British Power Dragon has an independent switch near the USB charging port, as well as the blue LED light, which is convenient for users to switch the power supply and find the power trailer at night.


There are so many charging ports on the charging seat. Can you use it at the same time?

Both AC sockets and USB charging ports can be used at the same time. Users can charge several electrical and electronic products at the same time, while the smart load detection function can detect the current and voltage required for different charging devices, making the charging speed more stable and safer.