Common Questions -XTAG Portable Apple Watch Charger


XTAG portable apple watch charger


How big is 多 多?

The volume is 53.06 mm x 39.90 mm x 18.20 mm, only half of the credit card.


多 多 多 有 多 多?

XTAG is very light, only 51 grams.


保 Is the product quality or safety guarantee?

XTAG has passed international tests and has ROHS, CE, FCC, Reach, and MFI apple certification. The quality and safety are absolutely guaranteed and can be used with confidence.


帮 How many times can XTAG help the Apple Watch?

The XTAG has a 700mAh lithium cluster battery, which can be fully charged for the Apple Watch. Want to know how to help Xtag charging, welcome to browse XTAG product detailsWatch demonstration video


援 Which Apple Watch series do Xtag support?

Support 1-6 generations, Nike+ Series 2 and 3, LTE (GPS Plus Cellular).


What is the difference between 其他 XTAG and other watch chargers?

This Apple Watch charger is lightweight and stylish, and very high -tech. As long as the Apple Watch is placed on the magnetized charging surface, the charger will automatically start charging. This wireless Apple watch charger is very small, you can put it in your handbag or pocket. You don't need to carry any charging cable. With Xtag, you can charge the Apple Watch anytime, anywhere.

The quality and safety of the product are also internationally guaranteed, and the MFI Apple certification is also obtained, so that you can use XTAG with peace of mind.

Want to know how to help Xtag charging, welcome to browseXTAG product details ,Watch demonstration video


T How do I help Xtag charging?

It can be charged just connecting the USB charging cable and any charging source. The charging time is about 2 hours.

Want to know how to help Xtag charging, welcome to browseXTAG product details ,Watch demonstration video


证 What is MFI certification?

Apple's MFI certification ("Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad") is a permit for Apple's iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone's hardware and software external device developers. MFI is the abbreviation of Made for iPod. Companies that join the MFI program and pass the certification test can display specific MFI -related signs on their product packaging, such as the "Made For iPod" badge.


防 Is Xtag waterproof? What should I do if I accidentally fall into the washbasin?

The product is not waterproof, but we have X2O waterproof spray, which is designed for electronic products. It can be sprayed on XTAG or used for wires or chargers. learn more: X2O waterproof spray.


电 Does the magnetic charging surface of the product affect Apple Watch?

No, the design of the magnetic charging surface is to tightly connect the watch and XTAG to facilitate charging anytime, anywhere, and will not have any impact on the watch.


表 The warranty clause of Apple Watch Charger

We are committed to solving any product problems for you. All GADGETICLOUD products (except the Scratch Map series and X2O waterproof spray) provide one -year maintenance services. Please keep the relevant product receipts and packaging boxes. At that time, we will verify the order number and product serial numbers on the product packaging to provide you with maintenance services.

The product warranty period is calculated from the day of the receipt. Guests must be used for 1 year without defects in products and manufacturing before they can be subject to warranty.

When guests need warranty services, they must provide the serial number label and original receipt on the product packaging as a proof, otherwise the warranty will not be accepted


A Can I use Xtag to charge iPhone or iPad?

No, XTAG is a charger specially designed for Apple watches, which cannot be used for other Apple products.


手 I have put Apple watches on Xtag, why can't it be charged?

You need to press the button on the right side of the product to turn on Xtag to start charging.


How long does it take to help Apple Watch to charge?

The magnetic charging surface of XTAG is provided by Apple, so the charging speed of XTAG is similar to that of Apple charging seats.



Apple Watch screen protective film


贴 What is the difference between Apple watch protection stickers and tempered protective films?

The Apple Watch Protection Patch is a 2D plane protection sticker. There is an angle design to prevent corners and can provide scratch -resistant and waterproof protection.

Apple watches tempered glass protective film is a 3D three -dimensional coverage screen and watches 4 -sided curved surfaces, providing watches with protection of scratch, waterproof, fingerprints and oil traces.



贴 Can I put the protective film on Apple Watch 3?

Apple watch protection stickers are suitable for Apple Watch 1-4 generations. There are four types of size: 38mm, 42mm, 40mm, and 44mm. Buy now!

As for the tempered glass protective film, it is only suitable for the 4th, 5th and 6th generation apple watches. There are two types of size: 40mm and 44mm. Buy now!


Will it affect the transparency of the watch after it is pasted?

No, the protective film is 99.99%transparent, and the high -definition protection sticker is like invisible.


? How thick is the protective film?

Both apple watches protective films are very thin, only 0.26mm-0.3mm thick.


到 How do I put the protective film onto the watch?

Both protective films are very easy to apply.


Skin -to -glass protective film:

1. Use the dry and wet cloth to clean the watch screen

2. Turn off the protective sticker on the back of the protective film

3. Like the watch screen, stick the protective film

4. Gently press the protective film to remove the bubble and complete.


2D protection sticker:

1. Use the dry and wet cloth to clean the watch screen

2. Tear the first layer of protective layer

3. Put the protection on the screen and remove the bubbles gently with your fingers

4. Turn off the second layer of protective layer and complete.


覆 Why does the protection post not cover the four corners of Apple watches?

This is the cut angle design, which can avoid protecting the stickers from being used for a long time, so that the dust particles accumulate at the four corners. If you like this design, welcome Learn more here


If you need a more comprehensive protection, welcome to browse Stew glass protective film