Common questions -XSCREEN DUO (wired and wireless connection)

D Can XSCREEN DUO support the mild screen function?

Can. XSCREEN DUO can support touch screen function only when cable connection. Wireless functions do not support touch -type functions.


器 How to connect wireless connectors to XSCREEN DUO?

As long as you connect the wireless connector to the Type-C connection port of XSCREEN DUO and can enable the wireless connection function. Please note that there are three Type-C connection ports in XSCREEN DUO. You need to connect wireless connectors to the bottom Type-C connection port. Please browse us for a detailed connection methodConnection guideline


What are the differences between XSCREEN DUO and XScreen Air?

Both models support wired and wireless connections, but XSCREEN AIR does not support the touch screen function in any connection. If you want to use the touch screen function, you can buy XSCREEN DUO.


源 Can I use the mobile power supply to charge XScreen?



C Can I use XSCREEN DUO to connect to two or more devices in wireless?




S How to enable the wireless connection function of XSCREEN DUO?

First, connect wireless connectors to XSCREEN DUO with the Type-C connection port (image transmission port), and then wait for XSCREEN DUO to detect wireless signals. If the screen does not jump to the wireless connection screen, you can manually turn the connection mode to the wireless connection, and the connection mode can be set in the setting screen.

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