Common Questions -X2O Waterproof Spray


Where is the origin of the X2O waterproof coating spray?

X2O waterproof coating spray was manufactured in the Netherlands.


What is the composition of X2O waterproof coating spray?

The chemical composition of X2O waterproof coating spray is also used in the food -related industry.


    Is there any size capacity for waterproof spray?

    The X2O waterproof spray has 10 ml of installation and 100 ml, and 10 ml is enough to cover 3 mobile phones, while 100 ml is enough to cover 30 mobile phones.


    防 Why is X2O waterproof coating spray so expensive? The same is true for me to buy waterproof phones.

    Waterproof mobile phones still account for a few in the market, accounting for only 1/4 of the entire mobile phone market. Only iPhone7 or above versions and Samsung Galaxy 7 or above are waterproof phones. Most waterproof phones use polymer/rubber ring for waterproof protection, but when you drive your phone or use a charger mouth for a long time, the elasticity of the waterproof rubber ring will gradually decrease, and the phone may be damaged due to the water. However, the X2O waterproof spray is absolutely easier to maintain waterproof efficiency compared to the rubber ring.

    In addition, the X2O waterproof spray can be applied to most electronic products: cameras, aerial cameras, chargers, power trailers, headphones, computers, keyboards, mobile phones, etc., which are widely used. Not all electronic products can be waterproof, but X2O waterproof spray can provide IPX4 and IPX7 waterproof protection, and it can also extend the life of the machine in a humid environment.

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    How long can the waterproof coating effect be maintained? Can spraying two layers make electronic products more waterproof?

    Spray at least the least waterproof effectiveness 6 months

    It is recommended to make up every 6 months to maintain the best waterproof effect, especially the charging port or commonly used electronic parts. Spraying two layers will not make electronic products more waterproof.

    Waterproof spray can provide IPX4 and IPX7 waterproof protection. If you want to be more waterproof, you can use the IPX7 spray method to protect electronic products in an all -round way

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    泼 What is the difference between ipx4 (poured water) and IPX7 (immersed in water)?

    IPX4 waterproof protection: Electronic products will not be affected by the splashing liquid. For example, it suddenly pours coffee, falls into the washbasin or pudding, and the mobile phone will not be reimbursed. You can also use a camera or aerial camera to take pictures and video on rainy days.

    IPX7 Waterproof protection: Electronic products fall into 1 meter deep water for 1 to 2 minutes. It will not affect it. For example, if you fall into the bathtub or in the pool, your mobile phone will not be reimbursed.

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      When using electronic products, I may accidentally scrape the waterproof coating, will it affect the waterproof effect?

      The nano -coating has a self -repair function. Even if you accidentally scrape away a small part, the nano example can repair the cracks and maintain the waterproof effect. However, if a large area of ​​waterproof coating is scraped off, it is recommended that users make up every 6 months to achieve the best results.


      喷 水 Waterproof spray can spray all electronic parts? Always liquid, will it leak?

      Although the X2O waterproof spray is liquid, it is designed to solve short -circuit problems. After 15 minutes, you can use a dry towel to remove the excess liquid. Nano coating has been formed, and there will be no obvious liquid on the electronic components. In addition, waterproof spray can also be applied to high -voltage systems and parts, such as motors, cables and chainsaw. Of course, you need to turn off the power before spraying, wait for 15 minutes, erase the excess spray liquid, reassemble the machine and turn on the power again. No leakage or or mechanical failure will occur.


      雾 I sprayed the waterproof spray, but the electronic products were still water and bad machines. What should I do?

      If the mobile phone enters the water, immediately pull out any connected charging cable. Do not try charging or booting within 5 hours. After the phone is completely dry, you can turn on the power. Do not open the SIM card slot to avoid water seepage. Wipe the surface of the phone with a dry cloth, pick up the mobile phone lightly, and come out of the inside. Do not use a cotton or paper towel to directly wipe the charging port. Then put the phone in the place where the air circulates. Do not blow dry it with a fan. It will not help to put in the rice tank. It is also likely to destroy the charging port. It is possible to blow with a fan, but it is the best way to wait patiently for the air drying of the phone.

      As long as the user follows the instructions in the instructions, or browse the product to open the box, press here, Your electronic products should already have X2O waterproof protection. But if you have any problems in product applications, please send an email to info@dimbuyshop.comOur support team will help you solve the problem.

      Reminder: Maintenance clauses are not suitable for X2O waterproof spray. If your electronic products are damaged, we recommend finding professionals for inspection and repair.


      喷 Can waterproof spray also provide waterproof protection in high temperature or cold environment? Except for water, what if I pour coffee or hot tea on the computer?

      X2O waterproof spray can also play a waterproof effect at -50 ° C to 140 ° C. Regardless of whether the liquid is cold or hot, it can effectively waterproof even hot drinks.


      水 About IPX7 waterproof protection, do I spray all positions including flash, lens and screen?

      Users should not spray on flash, lens and screen. If it is IPX7 waterproof, you only need to disassemble your phone and spray directly on the battery, circuit board and all electronic parts and opening positions, as shown below. After spraying for 15 minutes, you can wipe off the excess fluid, reorganize electronic products, and complete waterproof protection.

      IPX7 WaterProof Protection with Lexuma X2O Water Resistant Spray


      Service terms of X2O waterproof spray

      X2O waterproof spray passed IPX4 and IPX7 international waterproof tests to protect electronic products from damaging due to accidental contact with liquid.

      Because we cannot control or certify customers to use the product according to the company's use terms, the company is not responsible for the damage to the products of your own products caused by water or other forms. Welcome Use detailed rules Or view


      What do you need to pay attention to when buying a waterproof phone?

      See the maintenance clauses clearly next time I buy a waterproof mobile phone. Although the mobile phone is waterproof, if the mobile phone is stunned by the water, most mobile phones do not include water in the one -year hardware maintenance clause. Therefore, do not deliberately make mobile phones in water, and the maintenance clauses of mobile phone manufacturers do not include water enrollment.


      A bottle of spray is only enough? Do I need to buy a few bottles?

      The waterproof spray of 10 ml can be used about 3 to 4 times, and about 30 ml of large bottles can be used 30 times, depending on the volume of electronic products.


      开 I do n’t know how to disassemble and reorganize the computer. How can I be protected by IPX7?

      IPX7 waterproof protection is mainly suitable for electronic products that are easy to disassemble and reorganize on mobile phones. As for computers, the waterproof protection of IPX4 is already sufficient. Your computer will not be affected by coffee or liquid spilled over.

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      If you really need to disassemble the computer, you can go to the computer to find professionals to work to help with spray.


      How much spray liquid do I want to spray to make electronic products waterproof? How much waterproof coating?

      Because the waterproof spray is a compressed gas liquid, a miniature spray is formed after spraying and spreads evenly on the electronic device. The user only needs to spray it on the device for 1 second. X2O waterproof coating spray does not need to spray too much. After spraying evenly, your electronic equipment will have waterproof protection.


      壳 Should I spray it on the phone case or spray the body directly?

      If you want to provide IPX4 waterproof protection for electronic products, you need to take off your phone case and spray directly on the fuselage and electronic opening, such as the SIM card slot, charging port, headset port, speaker position, etc., you can press here Watch the demonstration video.


      喷 Will the waterproof spray liquid infiltrate the product function in the electronic product?

      When you spray X2O on the electronic product, the surface of the product will form a waterproof coating composed of nanoparticles to prevent liquid from entering your electronic equipment. Waterproof coating liquid will penetrate into the electrical opening to form protection, but it will not affect the conductivity. The X2O waterproof spray consists of white mineral oil, oil, heavy alkyl, and lemon oil. The oily carrier passes the food grade test and does not contain harmful substances, which is harmless to the human body.


      P If my mobile phone is an iPhone, it is difficult for me to disassemble the phone and spray on the circuit board. What can I do?

      If your phone is an iPhone 7 or updated model, the phone is already waterproof. If you are the iPhone 6 or the old model, you can use X2O spray to make the phone with IPX4 protection.

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      防 Can children use the electronic product of X2O waterproof spray, can children use it? Is it harmful?

      X2O waterproof spray is safe for children and adults. The spray components have passed food -grade testing. They do not contain harmful substances and are suitable for sensitive skin. They will not stick to their hands after coating.


      防 Does the electronic product spraying X2O waterproof spray will have odor?

      It will be a bit smell when spraying, but harmless and normal. After spraying at a ventilated position for 15 minutes, and after removing excess oil, the smell disappears.


      防 If you spray X2O waterproof spray, how should some liquid spray on the table or my sunglasses?

      The spray of X2O waterproof coating is easy to clean, and it can be wiped away with ordinary hand sanitizers without damaging the glasses or tables.


      喷 How to protect the aerial camera in X2O waterproof spray? Will the coating melt under the sun?

      The X2O waterproof spray can provide IPX4 waterproof protection for the aerial camera. The X2O liquid sprayed on the aerial camera will form waterproof coating, and discharge water and liquid. In addition, waterproof coating can adapt to high temperature and low temperature environment, and can also play a waterproof effect at -50 ° C to 140 ° C. Regardless of whether it is rainy or hot summer, you can use aerial cameras to take pictures outdoors.


      水 If the X2O waterproof spray can be waterproof, can I spray on clothes or handbags?

      X2O waterproof spray is designed for electronic products. It is not suitable for clothing or bags. The X2O spray is different from ordinary waterproof spray, and the technology used is very different. The waterproof spray of many clothes and bags can be found in the market, but only X2O spray that allows the waterproof of electronic products. Welcome X2O product details learn more.


      心 My child accidentally spray the waterproof spray into my eyes. What should I do?

      Although the spray does not contain any harmful substances, we strongly recommend that you first use a wet towel to help the child remove the liquid, and then immediately go to the clinic or hospital to find a doctor and nurse.