Common Questions -Scraping Map


图 What is scraping map?

The map can display the location and direction of the city, the country or the world, and the scraping map users can scrape off the golden surface layer on the map and reveal the hidden pictures. Scratch map packaging provides free scraping Pick. The scraping map itself uses a easy -to -scrape design. You can easily scrape the surface and write down the place you have been to, and then plan the next journey.

Click Buy to provide World Scraping Map, Japanese scraping map, Korean scraping map and Thailand scraping mapWelcome to see these scraping maps and start your new journey.


How attracted the maps to scrape the map?

Our scraping map packaging is a cylindrical shape, which is very light and easy to carry. It is absolutely no room for traveling in a backpack or luggage bag. The scraping map is easy to scrape the design. With free scraping PICK, you can easily scrape the golden surface without scraping the map.

The scraping map can also be placed in the IKEA photo frame and hung on the wall for decoration. Users can share travel memories with friends and relatives. With the scraping map, the future journey will be more mysterious and colorful.


多 How big is scraping the map?

Japan, South Korea, and Thailand scraping maps are 40 x 30 cm.

The world scraping map is 70 x 50 cm.


刮 Can I scrape the map with a coin?

It is recommended to scrape the surface layer with the attached scraping PICK, because it may leave scratches with coins, and it can be easily scraped away with scraping Pick. Want to see scraping clips, welcome to browse Scrape the map out of the box.


刮 Why do I need to scrape the map?

Scraping map is the most trendy style of the record journey. If you plan to go to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, or the world to start a new journey, scraping the map must be your best travel partner. You won't forget the place you have ever been there, just look at the scraper to remember. You can also put the map into the phase frame as a decoration on the wall.


刮 I can't find the scraping tablet in the scraping map set!

There is a scraping map and a scratch tablet in each scraping map set. Put the scraper and the map together in a transparent rubber cover. Please be careful when you take out the map. Still in the transparent rubber sleeve.

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