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Frequently Asked Questions of different models of XSCREEN:

XSCREEN lightweight type (1080P is available/no built -in battery version)

XSCREEN PLUS all -metal type

XSCREEN Air Wireless

XSCREEN DUO (wired and wireless connection)



X What's the difference between different models of XSCREEN?

 The XSCREEN series compares different versions of different models of different models of wireless version wired connecting Portable Monitor Portable Screen XScreen Air XScreen Duo XScreen Plus 4K 1080P point Buy Dimbuyshop Lexuma


M Do I need to bring my own HDMI and Type-C cable?

unnecessary. A MINI HDMI line, Type-C line, USB Type-C line


C Do you need an additional link speaker when I use XSCREEN?

unnecessary. Because XSCREEN has a built -in speaker.


用Xscreen can it be used as the second screen of the computer?

Can. You only need to use the HDMI cable or Type-C line to link your computer, and you can work with dual screens. You can choose the function of screen mirror shooting or screen extension on your computer.


支Xscreen can support screen mirror shooting?

Can. You only need to use Type-C and HDMI universal wires, you can project the device screen to XSCREEN. The following video shows how to connect the device to XSCREEN. Please check the detailed steps here.


If your device does not have Type-C and HDMI universal sockets, you can use a rotor to convert the plug to the HDMI plug. (It is not recommended to convert the adapter to the Type-C plug, because some Type-C plug adapters are only suitable for charging, not for data output)

This is used to repeat the screen. If you want to extend the desktop mode, you can refer to the next common questions.


Re Can dual display display on XSCREEN and laptops?

Yes, when connecting to the laptop, XSCREEN can use an extended desktop mode (screen 1 and 2). If you want to apply a dual display function, you can set dual display settings on your computer.

If you are a Windows user, you can right -click the desktop and then turn to the display settings to set the dual display function.

If you are a MacBook user, you can transfer to the "System Preference Settings" in the Apple menu, and then press "Display". After that, click the "Arrangement Method" option. Remember, if you don't want to show duplicate screens, don't click "Mirror Display".


是否 How do you know whether my device is compatible with XSCREEN?

You can HereCheck to check whether your device supports output images through USB-C/Type-C

If your device is not there This listList, please contact us at any time or take the equipment to our office for testing.


兼Xscreen compatible with Apple products?

XSCREEN is compatible with most Apple products, you can use the HDMI line/Type-C line link.

Since some Apple products do not support HDMI and Type-C image output, you need to use Lightning to HDMI to connector to output images to XSCREEN.

However, because most Apple devices do not support touch screen data output, XSCREEN can only use the screen display function and cannot start the touch screen function.

In addition, although some Apple products are equipped with the Type-C connector, it can not be used as an image output function. Only the following Apple products support Type-C image output:

PC on the table:

Apple Imac (MID 2017) above versions

Apple Imac Pro

Apple Mac Mini (Late 2018) above version


Apple MacBook Pro (Late 2016) above versions

Apple MacBook Air (Late 2018) above versions


iPad Pro (3rd Generation)

iPad Pro (4th Generation)

(Reference: everybody wiki "List of Devices with Video Output Over USB-C", " 2020)


If you want to know whether XSCREEN can use the touch screen function when connecting with the device, please HereCheck or contact us(Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021


Le If I connect the Apple machine to XSCREEN, can I use touch on the screen?

If you connect MacBook and XScreen with Type C line, you can use the Touch Screen function. But if you want to connect to the iPhone, even if you use a converter, you cannot use the Touch Screen function.


howWilliPhoneConnected toXScreen?

First, insert Lightning Adaptor into the iPhone, then insert the HDMI cable and USB to Lightning cable (iPhone charging cable) into Lightning Adaptor, and then connect them to XSCREEN and charger, respectively. After all the wires are connected well, turn on your XSCREEN can be used.


I can uselightning to type CWire connectioniPhoneandXscreen??

Can't. This wire only supports the charging function and does not support the output of the screen.


Can the SAMSUNG A series and C series phones be connected to XSCREEN?

Can't. The sockets of these two series of mobile phones only support the charging function and do not support the output of the screen.


I can be directly inXscreenIs the volume of tuning?



Can I use the touch screen to control Menu?

cannot. You can only use the control key to control Menu.


Can I connect two external screens at the same time?

Can. You can connect your device (such as a computer) at the same time to two XSCREEN, or an external screen of an XSCREEN and an other brand. However, the setting of the extension/synchronous display depends on the number of your computer's socket.
If your device has two sockets, and then you insert two external screens with two wires into two different sockets, and the 3 screens can use the extended screen settings.

If your device has only one socket (for example, only HDMI or USB to Type C), and then use splitter to connect more than one device, then only the synchronous display function can be used.

Moreover, please note that if you connect your device two XSCREEN at the same time, you cannot use the Touch Screen function.



的 How to move the page on the original device to the picture of XSCreen?

First check the display settings of your device to the extension display, and then you can pull the page directly to XScreen.


线 Can I use only one line, use XSCREEN while charging?

If you use the Type-C line to link XSCREEN, it does not support the charging function. If you need the charging function, you need an additional Type-C wire charging.


X Can I use XSCREEN and charge XSCREEN while using XSCREEN (built -in battery version)?

Yes, when connecting the device to XSCREEN, you can charge it at XSCreen at the Type-C charging cable.


接 When my device is connected to XSCREEN, the fluorescent light does not respond or still show ‘no signal’

Please check the connection of XSCREEN according to the following steps:

1. You need to check whether your device supports HDMI or Type-C image output

2. If you are using XSCREEN or XScreen Plus to have a built -in battery version, you need to ensure that XSCREEN has enough power.

3. If you are using a built-in battery version, you need the Type-C line to connect to the power.

4. Please make sure you have a suitable Type-C connector. XSCREEN has two Type-C interfaces, one is used as an image input and the other is the power output.

5. If you are not using a randomly attached connector, please replace it with a randomly attached connection line.

6. If you are using Apple products, you need to check whether your Lightning rotor is connected to the power supply. If you are using the Type-C connection, you need to check whether your device supports Type-C image output.


-After I use Type-C to connect XSCREEN, XSCreen still shows ‘No Signal’

When using Type-C to connect XScreen, you need to ensure that your device supports Type-C image output. You can HereCheck to check whether your device supports output images through USB-C/Type-C.

If your device does not support the Type-C image output, you need to use the HDMI cable to connect.

In addition, you need to ensure that you connect to the correct Tyep-C connector. XSCREEN has two different functions of the Type-C connector, and has a charging function and connection function on the back of the machine.

*All iPhone models must use HDMI to connect to XSCREEN.


S Can I change the display direction of XSCreen?

Can. You can switch the page direction in the built -in display settings of the computer. If you are using the version of XSCREEN Air, you can use vertical mode.

For more steps about vertical display, please browse usXSCREEN Air Connection Guide


Xscreen's screen is flickering, what can I do?

First of all, please check whether the connection is proper and whether the connection is loose. Make sure you use the appropriate connection to connect.

If there is no problem with the connection, please check the power supply part. If the power supply is unstable, it will also cause the flashing effect. This situation will occur in the Type-C connection method often, because the connection is used for power supply and image output at the same time. If you use no built -in battery versions, please use an additional external charger for power supply.


En Can I use a wireless keyboard and mouse when using XSCREEN?

Yes, there is a Mirco USB OTG socket on XSCREEN. You can connect the keyboard and mouse wires or wireless keyboards and mouse USB to XSCREEN through this socket. You can use it without any driver. Wireless keyboard and mouse combination can also be connected in the same way.


支 Is XScreen supporting the screen extension function?

support. Using HDMI or Type-C image output can use the screen extension function. Most of the tables on the table can be changed to use the screen extension function in the settings.

For more relevant screen extension function settings, please visit us blog


支 XSCREEN supportNintendo switch?

HDMI connection: Support all versions, but must be used with the Switch base.

Type-C connection: Support some versions. If you are not sure if your Switch can connect to XSCREEN with Type-C, please contact us(Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021Appointment time, go to the company for testing.


, According to the website description, if XSCREEN only supports some versions of Switch, which versions can they support?

If you use HDMI wires (passing), XSCREEN supports all Switch versions. If you need to use the Type-C wire, it depends on the year of Switch, because the new version of Switch cancels the function of the Type-C output screen.

If necessary, you can first bring Switch to our office for testing. Please contact us first(Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021)。


► I have successfully connectedNintendo Switch and XScreen, but Joy-Con did not respond.

You need to remove Joy-Con.


支 Which type of device supports Type-C image output?

You can HereCheck to check whether your device supports output images through USB-C/Type-C.


使用 Can I use XSCREEN on the plane?



Re How to use XSCREEN's touch screen function?

*All Apple iPhone and iPad do not support touch screen functions.

1. Any device that uses Type-C image output to connect XSCREEN can enable the touch screen function.

*Apple Mac or MacBook series parts can support Type-C image output, but some models cannot support touch function. For more information, please contact us to inquire(Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021


2. If you are using HDMI connections, you can also start the touch function. After connecting to the HDMI cable, you need to connect an additional USB Type-C line to start the touch function. Remember to connect the Type-C wire to the connected interface that affects the input instead of the connection of the power input.

*Computer system requires Window 10 or above to use touch function.


S When connected to Windows 10, can it start the touch screen function on Xscreen?

Yes, this depends on the settings of your computer (HDMI or Type-C)

With HDMI and Micro USB cables, the touch screen function can be started on XSCREEN.

If your computer uses Type-C, you can directly use the Type-C wire to start the touch screen function.



X When connecting your phone to XSCREEN, can you charge your phone?

Yes, if you use the built -in battery version. When the mobile phone is connected to XSCREEN through the Type-C wire, the data output and charging function will be activated at the same time. XScreen will help your mobile phone charging. The situation is like connecting the phone to the computer.

However, if you are not using a built -in battery version, you will not charge your mobile phone.


En If Xscreen cannot run and black screen, what should I do?

First, check whether your device is correctly connected to XSCREEN.

Second, check the battery capacity of XSCREEN.

If everything is normal, you can check the video output resolution and refresh rate of the device.

If the refresh rate of the device is not 60 Hz and the resolution is not 1920x1080px, you can set the appropriate video output resolution and refresh rate for the device to match XSCREEN.

If you still cannot use it, please contact us at any time(Tel: +852 2216 3933 ┃whatsApp:+852 5588 0021


S Can I replace the battery of XSCREEN (built -in battery version)?

It cannot be replaced, but the power can be connected by connecting the power without using the battery.

The battery has 500 charging cycles. After that, the battery performance will be reduced, but it will not stop running immediately.