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Wireless charging frame


电 How to use this wireless charging car frame?

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What is the special thing about this wireless charging rack?

This wireless charging frame is definitely a must -have. The three major features of high -tech design integrates the three major features, including fixed mobile phones, wireless charging and infrared induction, so that you can feel the extremely convenient driving experience! In addition, the frame can automatically adjust the width, which can firmly lock the screens of different sizes, suitable for mobile phones of various brands.


定 Why does the frame fixed fixed clip not respond?

You need to insert the USB Type-C charging cable into the charging port at the bottom of the back of the frame and connect the power to start the fixed clip, turn on the infrared induction, and start charging.


车 Can I adjust the angle of the phone and frame?

You can rotate the charging board at 360 °, place your mobile phone horizontally or straight, and adjust the angle.


显示 Why does my mobile phone not show QI fast charging?

In order to enjoy the Qi fast charging experience, users need to ensure that mobile phones, charging cables, charging boards, and chargers connect to fast charging technology. All elements are necessary. If the fast charging notice is displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, it means that the Qi fast charging has been started.


盘 Why can't the frame suction cups be fixed?

Make sure that the place where the frame is placed is clean plane. Please tear off the transparent film at the bottom of the suction cup before fixing the suction cup.


架 How do I know if the charging car frame has started?

There are LED display lights on the left and right sides of the charging car frame. When you connect to the power supply to the charging car frame, the red light will light up, and the fixed fixed clip and infrared induction will be started. When you put your phone on the frame, the blue lamp will light up, which means that your phone has begun to charge. Tip: After the Samsung mobile phone is charged, the blue light will go out.

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Car rearview mirror and window protective film


有 What are the types and sizes of this waterproof protective film?

There are two types of waterproof protective membranes: rearview mirror protective film and window protective film. There are three types of rear -view mirror protective membranes for guests to choose: 95 x 95mm, 135 x 95 mm and 150 x 100mm. As for the window protective film, there is only one size: 200 x 175mm.


到 How do I put the protective film onto the window?

1. Wipe clean the rearview mirror or window

2. Torn away the first layer of blue protective film

3. Spray a little water on the rearview mirror or window

4. Slowly put the protective film on the rearview mirror or window

5. If there is a bubble between the protective film and the mirror surface, scrape the bubble with the provided small card

6. Finally tear the second layer of glue film and complete!


Will the protective film fall off when it rains?

No, this waterproof protective film is designed for rearview mirrors and windows. It can stick to the mirror or window surface tightly to reject water and rain, so it will not fall off when it rains.


Why is the protective film blue? Shouldn't it be transparent?

The blue is protecting the glue film. You need to tear off two layers of blue protective rubber membranes in order to put the waterproof protective film onto the rearview mirror or window.


是 Is this waterproof protective film made of plastic?

The protective film is not made of plastic, but consists of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and nano -waterproof coating. This protective film has functions such as waterproof, scratch -resistant, dustproof, and can definitely protect your rearview mirrors and windows.